Price: 3.6 Million

Building Size: 56,000 square feet on 2 floors (28,000 each floor)

County: Platte, Wyoming

Site Size: 19 Acres (827,640 Sq. Ft.)

Electric: 200 Amp 3-Phase currently,previously had 3000 amp 480 volt service which can be restored.

Water: Two (2) 300ft redundant wells, each pump approximately 30 Gallons Per Minute (30gpm). Hot water heater and water softening systems

Sewer: Redundant sewage ejector systems, as well as separate“Gray Water” ejection system.

HVAC: Massive redundant air-conditioning TRANE chiller systems, Gas Forced Air Heating Units. Condenser room and plenum. Redundant exhaust plenums and fans.

Elevation: Down approximately 60 feet

Garage/Shop: Approximately 2,000sf consisting of four car garage with workshop area, this building has 12 inch thick concrete walls lined with steel plating as well.

Structure: Entire facility has 12 inch concrete walls lined with steel plating. Floor: Each floor is 18 inch concrete lined with steel plating.

Entrances: 2 main ingress/egress portals, each have 12 inch steel blast doors with decontamination chamber/shower.

Air Handling: Redundant intake and exhaust air handling systems, each system has sophisticated bio-filtration and quality control apparatus.

Conduit: Entire facility has extensive conduit passages and access portals for distribution of electrical and communication systems.

Loading: Shipping and receiving area with true dock high loading door and a 10,000 lb. trolley crane which services each level.

Septic: Large capacity septic tank and leach field Large 10,000 gallon underground water storage tank (below facility).

Remediation: Entire facility has been abated, AT&T upon vacating removed all asbestos and hazardous materials from the property. Including underground fuel-storage tanks which supplied three 750 KW diesel turbine generators (one remains in place, the other 2 were placed in other facilities)